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The key process for decision making in a tikanga Whanganui environment is Te Rūnanga o Te Awa Tupua. Note that this is a process of empowering collective hapū decision making rather than a body. The root word being runa: to gather.

Te Rūnanga o Te Awa Tupua

The hapū of Whanganui have coexisted and cooperated for over a thousand years, due to common whakapapa, connectivity through Te Awa Tupua, and opportunities that maximise economic growth and political advancement. Te Rūnanga o Te Awa Tupua exists to facilitate this ongoing connection and cooperation today and was formally established in 1997.
The principal purpose of Te Rūnanga o Te Awa Tupua is to provide a forum for Whanganui hapū to: 

  • Discuss, provide guidance and make decisions on issues that affect Whanganui Iwi within a tikanga led environment; 
  • Express hapū aspirations and expectations of one another and of Whanganui Iwi service entities (Ringa Whātoro); and 
  • Demonstrate hapū and collective Iwi leadership, whilst speaking with a collective voice.

Te Rūnanga o Te Awa Tupua is an inclusive forum and participation is open to all hapū and individuals of Whanganui Iwi. Each hapū decide who will speak on their behalf.


To view the Te Rūnanga o Te Awa Tupua terms of reference please click the button below.

Terms of Reference

Raukotahi Rangatahi Summit

The Annual Raukotahi Rangtahi Summit is held in the second week of the July school holidays each year and provides an opportunity for Whanganui Rangatahi aged 13-18 years old mai Te Kahui Maunga ki Tangaroa, both living at home and outside of the rohe to come together to get to know each other and themselves in relation to their Whanganuitanga.

To find out more about this kaupapa head to the Raukotahi Whanganui Facebook page via the link below.

Raukotahi Whanganui Facebook page



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