Te Whawhaki Trust - Expression of Interest

Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui Trust (Ngā Tāngata Tiaki) is seeking expressions of interest for suitably experienced and/or qualified Whanganui Iwi members who wish to be considered for a Trustee position on Te Whawhaki Trust.

Te Whawhaki Trust, a subsidiary of Ngā Tāngata Tiaki established to advance the well-being of Whanganui uri, whānau and hapū through the distribution of cultural and social benefits. As a charitable trust comprising up to five Trustees, Te Whawhaki Trust will promote the environmental, educational, economic, social, and cultural advancement and overall well-being of Whanganui Iwi.

We are seeking candidates who can demonstrate the following skills:

  • Sound understanding of Te Awa Tupua & Tupua te Kawa 
  • Knowledge of Marae, Whānau, Hapū & Iwi aspirations
  • Committed to the wellbeing of our people
  • An innovation mindset - the ability to generate new ideas, concepts and solutions to problems
  • Demonstrate practical application of Te Reo me ona Tikanga 
  • A comprehensive understanding of governance processes and procedures or a willingness to learn
  • The ability to solve problems, identify potential conflicts, and build productive relationships with other Trustees & key stakeholders

* Experience in governance may be advantageous. 

Please send a Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae here.
Applications close on the 11th of March 2024.

Te Ngakinga o Whanganui Investment Trust & Whanganui Iwi Fisheries Limited - Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest - Trustee/Director Position

Te Ngakinga o Whanganui Investment Trust (Te Ngakinga) and Whanganui Iwi Fisheries Limited (WIFL) are the investment entities of the Ngā Tāngata Tiaki Group tasked with protecting and growing the financial assets for the benefit of the iwi of Te Awa Tupua. 

Te Ngakinga and WIFL operates in accordance with their Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (SIPO) and a Direct Investment Policy (DIP). 

While the majority of investments held are currently managed funds, the investment entities have been developing a private equity portfolio to augment those funds.

At this time we are only seeking applications from members of Whanganui iwi who possess skill sets and experience in one or more of the following areas:

1. Direct Investment Experience

  • Proven experience and knowledge in direct investment planning, due diligence and investment implementation.
  • Experience in establishing and managing joint ventures, including operational investments.

2. Finance/Investment

An experienced finance/investment/business analyst with significant domestic and/or international experience or knowledge in overseeing and managing investment portfolios.

3. Ability to engage with Tupua te Kawa

  • An ability to develop an understanding of Tupua te Kawa and its application in an investment context.
  • Common sense and sound decision making with Te Awa Tupua front of mind.

4. Governance

  • Experienced governor particularly of commercially based entities.
  • Strong commercial networks nationwide.

It is important that candidates:

a. have relevant qualifications; and
b. have extensive networks within a professional investment or business context.

To be considered, candidates will apply in writing supported with a governance resume outlining their past experiences and current governance/directorship roles and future aspirations.

Applications close – 12pm 1 March 2023

Applications should be forwarded to Te Ngakinga o Whanganui Chair

Email:    office@ngatangatatiaki.co.nz
PO Box 544, Whanganui
Or in person 357 Victoria Avenue, Whanganui.

Mouri Tūroa Opportunities

Contractors Expressions of Interest

Ngā Tāngata Tiaki is seeking expressions from contractors who live and work within our Whanganui River catchment. The Contractors need to be committed to creating employment opportunities and building the knowledge and skills of those employed.

Ngā Tāngata Tiaki is calling for expressions of interests from contractors who can support us to complete this ambitious four-year programme that includes;

  • Fencing 290 kilometres of the waterways
  • Riparian planting of over 600,000 plants
  • Pest and weed control; and
  • Developing place-based nurseries that can eventually support the riparian planting and other ambitions of whānau and hapū.

If you are interested in registering your interest, please fill in the Online Expression of Interest form here to submit your interest. 


Landowners Expressions of Interest

Ngā Tāngata Tiaki is seeking expressions from landowners, hapū and marae who live alongside the Whanganui River or its tributaries where their lands bordering these waterways require fencing, riparian planting, weed and pest control.  

If your lands require support in these things and you would like to work alongside Ngā Tāngata Tiaki to improve the health and wellbeing of Te Awa Tupua please fill in the  Online Expression of Interest form here to submit your interest. 


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