Tira Hoe Waka

Tira Hoe Waka 2024

The Tira Hoe Waka 2024 dates have been confirmed for Friday 5th-17th January 2024, with a limit of 130 registrations on the Awa.

Priority will be given to 12-year old's who are first timers along with their adult caregiver followed by those who are committed to the entire Tira from Ngāpuwaiwaha Marae Taumarunui to Putiki Whanganui.

Thereafter, a mixture of first timers or those who are experienced participants on the Tira Hoe Waka will make the Tira for 2024.

It is highly recommended by the Tira Hoe Waka Committee that paddlers also have a Roadie to support you when you come off the Awa.

This wānanga is open to descendants of Te Awa Tupua.

NOTE: Some Marae have asked that we test for COVID and out of respect for these marae, please be prepared to be tested.
NOTE: Alcohol and Drugs are strictly prohibited while participating on Te Tira Hoe Waka. 

The pdf registration form for 2024 can be found here.

Any further Tira Hoe Waka queries can be directed to the Tira Hoe Waka committee
Chair - Hayden Potaka via this link or the following email; tirahoewaka1@gmail.com 

Tira Hoe Waka 2023

January 10, 2023

On the 5th of January 2023 the people gathered at Ngāpuwaiwaha Marae, Taumarunui for the beginning of the 2023 Tira Hoe Waka journey.

Due to Covid-19 through out the previous two years, the kaupapa of the Tira Hoe Waka had been carried only by smaller Tira iti. However, 2023 saw us return to normal and welcomed those returning home to their Awa.

The pōwhiri was an emotional time, as we reflected on those that we had lost over the last two years. Some of those being people who had significantly contributed to the building and shaping of the Tira Hoe Waka since its inception.

There were many new faces as well as returning, both young and old, to experience the Tira for the first time.

If you are ever wanting to experience the Tira Hoe Waka and what it means to talk and listen to your Awa, have a look at the Tira Hoe Waka Facebook page.

There is also a short clip showing the waka departing from Ngahuinga (Cherry Grove) in Taumarunui by clicking on the following link.


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